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Dr Jack Tubbs, MD, FACOG

Dr Jack Tubbs, MD, FACOG

"Dedicated to providing thorough, compassionate care, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and practices"

Dr. Tubbs received his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He completed both Internship and Residency at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center. After a tour in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and Shield, Dr. Tubbs completed his military commitment at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma. He was in private practice in Ardmore, Oklahoma for two years prior to moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1994.

Board Certified in 1993, Dr. Tubbs renews his Certification annually. His commitment to patient care has led to his being awarded the Patient’s Choice Award ’07-’09. He is a well-respected OB/GYN, Minimally Invasive Surgeon, Advanced Pelvic Surgeon and educator. He and his wife share six children, three of which are girls. His family has given him personal insight into a broad spectrum of OB/GYN issues and has in part shaped his personable, compassionate bedside manner.

In addition to his practice in general Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Tubbs is committed to Minimally Invasive Surgery due to the well documented benefits of shortened, less disruptive recovery, and decreased pain. Dr. Tubbs currently performs office procedures such as Permanent Birth Control and Endometrial Ablation. He is actively involved in teaching and preceptoring other physicians such procedures as Mesh Implant Vaginal Repair, Vaginal Sling Incontinence procedures, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, and Laparoscopic Subtotal Hysterectomy.

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Overcomes limitations of both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.

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