Five Areas of Your Body You Can Tackle With Body Sculpting

Five Areas of Your Body You Can Tackle With Body Sculpting

While it may seem like summer is still on the distant horizon, the warmer months will be here before you know it, and you want to be ready with a body you’ll be proud to show off. 

To help give you a leg up in the battle of the bulge, our team at Associates in Obstetrics & Gynecology offers several effective body-sculpting technologies, including noninvasive SculpSure® and minimally invasive BodyTite® and SmartLipo®.

In the following, we explore how each technology works and the five different problem areas we can tackle to bring you closer to your body-shape goals.

Different approaches to reducing fat

If you prefer a noninvasive approach to reducing fat in your body, we can turn to SculpSure. With this body-contouring technology, we deliver laser energy into your target fat cells that heats them up and destroys them. The energy passes harmlessly through the surface of your skin and, once through, it’s absorbed by your fat cells. With SculpSure, we can eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells in your treatment area. 

Another option is BodyTite, which delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy more directly into your fat cells through small incisions. We insert a small metal rod through the incision and release the RF energy, which causes your fat to coagulate and your dermis and subdermal connective tissues to contract.

If you have a fair bit of fat you’d like to get rid of, you might want to consider SmartLipo. With traditional liposuction, we insert a cannula underneath your skin to vacuum out the fat. Using SmartLipo, we deliver radiofrequency energy into your fat cells first, which ruptures the fat cells, essentially melting your fat. In this form, we can remove the fat more easily.

Five areas we can improve through body sculpting

Each of the body-sculpting technologies we offer — SculpSure, BodyTite, and SmartLipo — is an excellent option for tackling:

  1. Abdominal fat
  2. Excess fat in your arms
  3. Your hips
  4. Your thighs
  5. The fat under your buttocks

It’s difficult to say here which technology would work best for your goals, as each has its advantages. We can say that if you want to fight fat in the least invasive way possible, SculpSure is ideal. 

If you want more dramatic fat-reduction results, you may want to consider BodyTite or SmartLipo.

The best way to figure out which technology is right for you is to come see us for a consultation. During this visit, we can evaluate the fat in your target area, as well as your desired goals, in order to help you find the best body-sculpting treatment for meeting your goals.

To get started, contact our office Colorado Springs, Colorado, to set up an appointment. We urge you to call soon if you want to have results by summertime.

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