When to Consider Body Sculpting

You sweat it out at the gym, cut your calories, and do everything right to get to your ideal body shape — only to be thwarted by stubborn fat deposits. You’re not alone, and you’re up against some fairly significant obstacles, which our body-sculpting technologies easily work around.

At Associates in Obstetrics & Gynecology, our experienced group of women’s health experts believes that women should have the resources they need to maintain optimal health and look great while doing it. To answer the latter, we’ve equipped ourselves with industry-leading body-sculpting technologies — SculpSure® and BodyTite® — which we explore here.

Stubborn fat — impossible to target, until now

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to getting to your ideal body shape is that you’re really not in charge of where your body loses fat. Women and men are biologically wired to carry fat in certain areas — around the pelvis and abdomen for women and around the belly for men. 

When you endeavor to lose weight, your body chooses where it sheds the pounds, not you. This means that spot-reduction techniques that target certain areas (think crunches for your abs) may strengthen the muscles, but it’s not necessarily concentrating its fat burning in this area.

With our body-sculpting technologies, we deliver heat energy directly into the targeted fat cells to heat and destroy them, allowing you to finally choose where you lose fat.

A noninvasive approach to fat reduction

With our SculpSure technology, we can eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells in your treatment areas without resorting to more invasive techniques like liposuction. This technology is so safe that we can use it most anywhere you have fat unwanted fat deposits, including your:

When you come in for your SculpSure treatments, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the SculpSure system targets and destroys fat cells. Better still, once we’re finished, you’re free to get back to your day, as there’s no downtime.

Slim down and tighten up

While our SculpSure system is great for fat reduction, we also offer BodyTite, which reduces fat and tightens your skin at the same time thanks to its radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis technology. With BodyTite, we deliver directional radiofrequency energy into your tissue, which features different treatment modalities for each layer, from the deeper fat layers up to the surface of your skin.

The energy first coagulates the fat in the deeper tissues and then elicits a collagen response in the outer layers, which smooths and tightens your skin.

Again, this technology is noninvasive, which means it’s safe to use almost anywhere on your body.

Body sculpting, not weight loss

The final point you should consider is that neither treatment is a weight-loss solution, but, rather, a body-sculpting technology. This means that, in order to get the most out of our SculpSure or BodyTite treatments, you should be within your target weight range. 

If you want to explore further whether body sculpting is right for you, or you’re already convinced and want to schedule an appointment, contact our office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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