Get Your Summer Body Ready With BodyTite by Inmode Can Help

Winters here in Colorado are notoriously long, but summer never fails to make its annual appearance. If you’re looking forward to the warmer months, but dreading the more revealing clothing, we can help with our minimally invasive body contouring.

At Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Jack Tubbs and our team of experienced health care providers understand that overall health and wellness is an inside and an outside job. To help you look as good as you feel, we offer a revolutionary body-contouring procedure called BodyTite by Inmode

Here’s a look at how we can get your body ready for summer this winter.

The problem with fat

If you’ve done the hard work and shed a few pounds, but you’re still left with stubborn fat deposits that hang on, you’re not alone. Losing weight is a difficult proposition under any circumstances, and it can be further hampered by biology.

The fact is that your body is under some powerful biological directives when it comes to shedding weight, which means you can’t direct your weight-loss efforts. For example, men and women carry fat differently, with women storing more fat around their reproductive organs (the abdomen, thighs, and hips). Men tend to carry excess weight around their midsections alone.

As well, age can wreak havoc on your efforts as your metabolism naturally slows with the passing years.

The end result is that, try as you might, you’re unable to thin down those problematic areas, which is where our innovative BodyTite technology comes in.

Recontouring with BodyTite

If you’re looking for help in targeting problematic areas of fat, liposuction used to be your best solution. While effective, this procedure does come with downtime and a certain amount of risk. BodyTite, on the other hand, is an exciting technology that relies on a blend of minimally invasive equipment and radiofrequency (RF) technology to do the work.

With BodyTite, we insert a probe under your skin, which allows us to effectively direct the RF energy into your deep fat layers on up to the surface.

The RF energy heats up your tissue, causing your fat to coagulate. With BodyTite, we create a three-dimensional contraction of your dermis, subdermal connective tissue matrix, and subcutaneous fat.

In other words, we’re able to do two things at once: tighten your skin and recontour your body through lipolysis that damages fat cells.

BodyTite also features controlled heating and real-time temperature monitoring to ensure that we deliver consistent results and keep you comfortable at the same time.

After your BodyTite procedure, your body responds to the treatment and delivers both immediate and gradual results. Most of our patients realize optimal results 4-6 weeks after their BodyTite procedure as their tissues resettle themselves over their slimmer profiles.

If you’d like to explore how BodyTite can close the gap to your dream body by summertime, please contact our office in Colorado Springs to set up an appointment.

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